Women's Soccer falls in season finale

Women's Soccer falls in season finale

Franklin, MA - The Lady Mustangs traveled to Dean College in Franklin, MA for their final game of a season that saw a lot more improvement in the program than what their record would indicate.   The game started with a lot of promise when Amber Pritchard, playing her final collegiate game broke through the Dean defense within the first thirty seconds and put a shot just wide of the net.  But five minutes into the game the Bulldogs were able to pick up a loose ball near the top of the Mustang penalty area and convert it for their first goal.

The game then settled down to being played primarily in the middle of the field with the two teams trading possession and the Dean Bulldogs settling for some long attempts at the net which Mustang goalkeeper Shantel Camber easily caught.  Twenty-five minutes into the game, the Bulldogs sent a crossing ball to the far side of the field with their wing able to take it to goal for the second Dean goal of the game.  Just over seven minutes later, a Mustang defender mishandled a pass at the corner of the box and it ended up on the feet of a Bulldog player who converted it for their third goal of the game.  The half ended with Dean in the lead 3-0. 

The second saw a Mustang team that began to counter the physical play of the Bulldogs resulting in more possession by Central Maine and a more evenly played game.  Thirteen minutes into the second half, the Bulldogs gathered in a loose ball that was mishandled by the Mustangs on the left side and scored their fourth goal of the game.  Central Maine never backed down however, continued to battle for the 50/50 balls moved the game more to the middle of the field away from their goal.  At the 66 minute mark, the Bulldogs were able to pick up another loose ball off a 50/50 challenge and put a long shot into the Central Maine net.  

The remaining 24 minutes of the game would be scoreless with the Mustangs never giving up and putting some pressure on the Dean backline.  The game was one of the more physical games that Central Maine played all year against a very big Bulldog team.   

The season ended with the Lady Mustangs posting a 1 win, 10 loss record, and two games were cancelled due to opponents not being able to field a team.  In spite of the record, the Mustangs showed a lot of improvement and competed very well against some of the top teams in the conference.