NHTI Dumps Mustangs 94-75

NHTI Dumps Mustangs 94-75

Concord, NH – To quote Coach Gonyea, "why do we schedule a game immediately following our SMCC game?" Of course, Coach Gonyea does the scheduling so he has only himself to blame!

The Mustangs played a tough road game at SMCC Wednesday, turned around, and traveled to NHTI on Friday. The visitors proceeded to be manhandled 94-75 by the Lynx. A lackluster performance by the tired Mustangs led to a ten-point halftime deficit. However, CM was just hanging on. The high-powered Lynx came ready to play and poured it on the second half. Seventeen three's later, the home team coasted to the finish line.

The positives for CM came in their bench play. Charles Cedre, Nick Bagley, Zavier Roman and Levi Lapham played hard and proud. Cedre led the Mustangs with 15 points and Roman chipped in with 9 points.

The squad now preps for the Yankee Tournament. Initial analysis is CM will play Maine Machias in the first round of the tournament on Friday.

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NHTI Dumps Mustangs 94-75
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