Skinner Leads Mustangs to an Important Road Win

Newport, RI - Traveling for road games can be viewed as a double-edged sword. On the positive side, it gives the team more time to bond, a chance to play at a different venue, and a different look at how officials handle a game. Conversely, travel can take a lot out a player: Long trips, tight busses, eating on the road and early mornings/late nights.

CM has been to Rhode Island twice the past four days and Massachusetts's once. The boys fatigue and energy level have been tested. This, after a three-week layoff for Christmas break could have been a blueprint for failure.... not this team.

Captain Rob Skinner took advantage of Christmas break to take some much-needed time off but ensured he hit the gym to keep moving forward. The Mustangs need Rob and Rob needs to lead the Mustangs into the playoffs. He did not disappoint. Playing like his career is on the line; Skinner has led the squad to two wins the past three games and yesterday, played his best game as a Mustang. He led the team with 25 points, 5 rebounds and collected 4 assists to lead the visiting Mustangs to an 81-69 win over Navy Prep. What the stats do not reflect is his commitment on the defensive end, his relentless attack to the offensive glass and desire to keep putting up "W's" in the win column for CM.

Injuries to two starters, Cam Duncan and Josh Cote added additional stress to Rob and his teammates. However, many stepped up.  Pietro Badalassi continued his steady play contributing 12 points, and recorded 8 rebounds.

Continued positive bench play has become a staple in the CM attack. Akeem Laurie, Sheveran Hardy, Jonathan Moore, Anthony York, Jordan White, Zavier Roman, Quin Mitchell, Kionno Nelson, and Levi Lapham, all contributed great minutes.

The win moves CM to a 12-5 record and will host the University of Maine at Presque Isle tomorrow at 7:30pm.

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