Mustangs Sink Clippers 99-94

Mustangs Sink Clippers 99-94

Auburn, ME- On senior night,  Cornelius Lawhorn led the Mustangs with a double double Monday as CM took down the Clippers of University of Maine Machias Clippers by a 99-94 margin. Lawhorn registered 20 points and hauled down 10 rebounds in the effort.

Playing their third game in three days, CM looked to the bench for more help. Charles Cedre, Kionno Nelson, and Akeem Laurie contributed valuable minutes off the pine. Defensively, Cedre is the energy guy. He plays at 110% and can be the spark to get the team moving. Today was one of those days for Cedre. His diving, relentless defensive effort created three key turnovers in the second half.

The Mustangs relied on their half court pressure for the first half and took a 46-39 lead into the locker room into halftime.

In the second half, the Mustangs turned up the pressure that resulted in 21 turnovers for the tired Clippers. CM took an 18-point lead at the 8-minute mark and never looked back.

Along with Lawhorn's contribution, Josh Cote added 14 points and Sheveran Hardy chipped in with 14 points and 7 assists.

The win moves the Mustangs to a 19-8 overall record.

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