Mustangs Land Top Kiwi Recruit

Mustangs Land Top Kiwi Recruit

Auburn, ME -  Central Maine men's basketball coach, Dave Gonyea, is pleased to announce Josh Thomson, a 6'5" forward from Christchurch, New Zealand has signed on with the Mustangs for the 2019-20 school year.  

According to Coach Gonyea, "We have been working with Josh for many months and could not be more pleased he is becoming a Mustang. His frame, attitude, and work ethic jumped out to us right away. He has connected with a number of our present players and all speak very highly of him. We are very excited to add him to a new mix of talent."

Josh responded to the questions below.

CM: Why did you choose CM?
Josh: There are many many reasons that contributed to me choosing CM, the first one was the warm welcome feeling I felt talking to coach Dave Gonyea. Talking to the other guys on the team from Australia also helped me feel comfortable about my decision, the family orientated team morals also made my decision easier as family is something that is extremely important to me. 

CM: How do you think playing college basketball will differ from your previous experience?
Josh: I believe playing College basketball will be a step up from the level I play currently but I'm ready and prepared for this change.

CM: What are you most looking forward to about attending and playing basketball at CM?
Josh: I'm looking forward to having the American College experience, I'm most looking forward to playing under Coach Gonyea as I have my full trust in what he does, meeting and playing with a whole new team will be a lot of fun too. 

CM: What do you think you can bring to the team next year?
Josh: I believe I can bring my hard work ethic as well as a strong post presence, hard screens and a consistent jump shot, I also like facilitating for the team from the post to get guys open looks. 

CM: Describe your basketball experience.
Josh: My Basketball experience has consisted of playing in New Zealand which has lead me to meeting some pretty incredible professional players as well as coach's who have helped me all throughout my basketball career. 

CM: What is your biggest strength in basketball?
Josh: I do not believe I have one main strength. The things I do well on the basketball court include having a consistent jump shot, set hard screens, and my court vision. I am looking forward to improving on all aspects of my game to become the best player I can be. 

Basketball Achievements

  • First team (2016, 2017) 
  • MVP 2016 
  • Canterbury National teams (u15, u17, u19) 
  • High school blues award for contribution to basketball
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