CMCC Athletics Facility/Visitor Information

Men's & Women's Basketball:  CMCC Kirk Hall Gymnasium, 1250 Turner St, Auburn, ME
Men's & Women's Soccer:  CMCC Field, adjacent to Kirk Hall, 1250 Turner St, Auburn, ME
Baseball:  Auburn Suburban Field, 4 Mt Apatte Road, Auburn, ME
Softball:  Tribou Field, East Auburn Rd, Auburn, ME
Men's Ice Hockey:  Norway Savings Bank Arena, 985 Turner St, Auburn, ME

We do have an active crowd, which attends our basketball games.  Our "home rule" is that fans cannot be rude, crude, or vulgar.  Any fans that violate the above rule will be asked to leave the premises.  Typically we do not have these types of problems.

Half Time
We generally have a half time promotion each game.  During this time we have a variety of pro team mascots, college recognition nights, youth basketball games, shootouts, and other college sponsored events to entertain the crowd.

We have just installed a state of the art sound system and light show system.  All evening pre-games will be accompanied by a sound and light show seen nowhere else in Maine!

All of our basketball home games and select home games of other sports are broadcasted LIVE (and On Demand) online for free.  Interviews with players of coaches may be requested ahead of time.

A concession stand is open for most basketball games.

We ask each visiting team to provide a roster of players one week prior to game day.  We want to make a quality program for each event. 

Athletic Trainer
We provide an athletic trainer for each game. The trainer is available one half-hour before each game for taping and during the game for injuries. (Each visiting team must provide their own tape and first aid necessities.)  Ice is available for post-game injuries. 

We provide each team computer generated statistics at the end of each game.

We will have a jug full of ice water behind your bench. 

We work diligently to provide an exciting atmosphere for the fans and the players.  We ask that each team demonstrate respectable behavior toward players, coaches, officials, game personnel,